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Safety by own knowledge

We want to help you reduce risk. To reduce risk it is imperative to learn from previous mistakes. With Weld Services documentation and procedure system you will harvest experience from previous procedures and re-use it on later projects.

  • Less trial and error minimize the possibility for human injuries
  • Avoid environmental damage on oil/gas exposed welds
  • Help you create a safe working environment


Avoid unnecessary expenses

We can help you reduce your expences both in the short and long run in multiple ways.

  • Avoid unneccesary expences
  • Minimize expensive downtime
  • A wealth of contractors through our pre-qualification expertise
  • Better project management and technical solutions saves money
  • Increase your company value


Simple, fast and powerful

Weld Services is a one-stop complete service supplier of both key people and supplementing systems for the demanding weld customer.

  • Best practice concept improves workflow and result
  • Revise and share with the team
  • Always easy access to poweful tools
  • Spec and build your team with Weld Services